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Loft conversions a great idea to a waste of money photo
Loft conversions a great idea to a waste of money
When contemplating extending your family home into the loft, many get carried away with the idea that they will be gaining an extra room. Of course they will certainly gain a room but will it be usable.

You see the trouble with loft conversions is that they don't just add a space but they also take up quite a big space from the floor below. This is because you are going to need stairs. Not only do you need these stairs but they must also be from the landing and not via another room else this then does not comply with building regulations and so will not be classed as an extra bedroom. Often people are already aware of this but then find themselves head scratching because the place they earmarked for the stairs to go on the landing is then not suitable to get into the roof space due to pitch or design of the roof. So only too often people end up having to pinch space from another bedroom thus shrinking that room by a considerable amount.

The next thing to really think about is the space that you create, it is okay saying “yes I am fine with low head heights” because there is plenty in the centre centre of the room, however it is amazing how much in reality this becomes a claustrophobic nightmare. I have seen loft conversions london way where people have managed to get a double bed, storage and yes you can just about stand up in the room but its not a room you want stay in.

When looking at your loft space dimensions the key things to remember are:
- Your ridge/roof height will not increase due to planning
- Your existing loft floor my raise by as much as 6 inches to accommodate new floor joists.
- Your loft ceiling will encouch down into the room by around 4 inches because of the thickness of required insulation.

So if you apply this to your calculations this should give a more realistic image of the space you will be left with.

One final point to think about when considering loft conversions London just like many local councils require fire doors to be fitted on every room of the house. As this is a requirement many do not realise this and then later discover that their beautiful traditional doors have to be replaced and this does not come cheap especially if you have glazed french doors leading onto your hallway from a dining room for example. The reason for this safety precaution is that a house spread over 3 levels needs to have adequate protection from fire throughout the exit room. So any room that leads onto hallways, landing or stairs falls into this regulation.

Please do not let this put you off, just make sure you take time to consider these points.

After all your loft conversion doesn't want to be an unworthy and unnecessary spend.
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