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 A few months ago we wanted to start work on retiling our bathroom, removing an old staircase from our kitchen and installing a new cast iron spiral staircase outside. Zibi gave us a very reasonable quote for the work and was able to start on the job almost immediatel...
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It is not just the inside that counts when extending photo
A buildings look is often quite important. The ugly stand out for all the wrong reasons and the over the top designs often look over designed. Now what got me thinking this way is I am designing an extension to go onto my recently purchased property. As one of many London builders, I simply get plans and designs from my customers and just crack on with the job. But this time it is my turn and I am going to give it careful thought. read more
Added: 11 January 2013 | Views: 1991
Calling all Builders London has a new boom photo
Now I have found myself going to some quotes in tiny villages that are miles away. Seriously by the time I have risked life and limb along some windy country roads, I realise I have been driving for well over an hour. This got me thinking, where else is a good hour away down the motorway. Thats when I realised even the outskirts of london are not that far from the midlands.

So I thought why not stick an advert in paper and see where it gets me. However I was not going to hold my breath because for locals looking for builders London has millions. But to my surprise because of my comparably cheap prices in areas from Watford back up to even Milton Keynes I started getting lots of phone calls. read more
Added: 11 January 2013 | Views: 2322
A Comprehensive Guide to Find the Best London Builders photo
So you have finally decided to build your dream home. You have access to all the needed resources, such as time, money and architectural blueprints. However, the most important question in this whole process of building a new house is; who will exactly build your home? read more
Added: 21 March 2013 | Views: 2294
Loft conversions a great idea to a waste of money photo
When contemplating extending your family home into the loft, many get carried away with the idea that they will be gaining an extra room. Of course they will certainly gain a room but will it be usable.

You see the trouble with loft conversions is that they don't just add a space but they also take up quite a big space from the floor below. This is because you are going to need stairs.

read more
Added: 11 January 2013 | Views: 1653
Loft Conversion in London photo
The loft area is usually the most spacious uninterrupted space in your house. By putting a lot of thought into your loft conversion project, you can potentially open up a whole other section of usable living space.

If you intend to extend or alter the roof space beyond its specified limits, you're going to need a planning permission. Otherwise, you are free toperform loft conversion as a part of permitted development procedures, which don’t require you to apply for any permissions. read more
Added: 18 March 2013 | Views: 2762
Advantages of Loft Conversions photo
In these hard economic times, people are striving to find ways to increase the living spaces in their homes without affecting the aesthetical appeal of their homes in any negative way. Loft conversions are one of the most popular options that homeowners can successfully use to increase the living area of their homes. Momentous popularity of Loft conversions London can be attributed to the fact that people nowadays are more interested in extending and enhancing their properties at the rooftops instead of sides and backs of their building. read more
Added: 21 March 2013 | Views: 1731